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Herringfleet Mill in Suffolk at sunset

Herringfleet Mill

27.08.2015 | 0 |  0  

I went for a trek out to Herringfleet Mill last night and managed to get a very wet. That said I was able to get some very dramatic cloud shots at sunset.

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Dunwich Heath at Sunset

Dunwich Heath – Sunset

01.08.2015 | 0 |  0  

On my last visit to Dunwich Heath, I focused more on the cliff side of the heath. This trip I wanted to focus on the other side and possibly capture the sun setting over the heath.

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Herringfleet Windmill

Herringfleet Windpump – Sunset

19.07.2015 | 0 |  1 

After my trip last week to Herringfleet Windpump, I felt a bit disappointed with the shots I got as a thick blanket of cloud covered the horizon at sunset which resulted in some ok, but dull shots. I really wanted to capture the windpump with the sun setting on the horizon.

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Southwold Pier at Sunset

Southwold Pier and Beach

09.07.2015 | 0 |  2 

It has been a while since I was last in Southwold, so today I thought I would take a trip south across the border to Suffolk to capture the sun setting behind the beach huts from the pier.

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