Herringfleet Windpump – Sunset

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After my trip last week to Herringfleet Windpump, I felt a bit disappointed with the shots I got as a thick blanket of cloud covered the horizon at sunset which resulted in some ok, but dull shots. I really wanted to capture the windpump with the sun setting on the horizon.

Luckily tonight the weather conditions were ideal and after some patients I was able to get the photos I was after. I started the evening by walking through Herringfleet Hills, then continued walking along the footpath towards the windpump unitil I was forced to stop. I was about 30 metres from the windpump but there were many obstacles in my way (in the form of herds of cows).

They were mooing very loudly and there were probably about a good 30-40 of them, so I walked back towards the hills and waited it out. I was getting very anxious as the sun was creeping closer and closer towards the horizon. I remember thinking I am not going to get the shots I want because of these silly cows (well something along those lines).

Just as I thought it was all over the cows started walking away one by one from the bridge near the windpump. I walked back rapidly along the footpath and climb the fence to get to the river bank where I managed to get the shots I wanted just in the nick of time.

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