Herringfleet Mill

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I went for a trek out to Herringfleet Mill last night and managed to get a very wet. That said I was able to get some very dramatic cloud shots at sunset.

As I left Great Yarmouth, it was raining but showed signs of clearing up as I got to Gorleston. As I passed Gorleston, I witnessed a magnificent rainbow which I wish I had stopped and photographed but the sun was rapidly setting so continued towards Herringfleet.

When I arrived, I walked along the footpath to the mill where I could see rain falling in the distance. I knew it would be only a matter of time before it was overhead so I worked quickly. To the left of me the moon looked amazing with clouds all around which I got a snap of. As I continued snapping away the clouds got really dark and the sun disappeared behind them. This then lit the horizon up yellow and added extra drama to the shots.

As I got to the riverbank and looked towards the sunset, the heavens opened up. I managed to get a quick few shots before the sun set and I then I got a good soaking.

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