Frosty Herringfleet

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After getting some great sunsets shots during the summer months of Herringfleet Windpump, I thought it was worth ago doing a sunrise.

I had been checking the forecast for a few days prior for ideal weather conditions as I really wanted to capture the windpump with some ground frost.

I arrived at Herringfleet to be greeted with a cold bite in the air ( good indication for ground frost ). I wrapped up snug and headed to the Hills. As I walked through the Hills, I was stumbled upon the aftermath of Storm Barney which brought winds of up to 85mph to parts of the UK. There were many fallen branches and trees along the path so I took my time walking around them.

As I walked along the footpath at the rear of the Hills to the windpump, I was glad to see that the surrounding fields were cow free as I had a stand off with a herd on one of my previous visits.

I got the windpump where I set up along the river bank and got ready for the magic to happen. The sun started to rise on the horizon; it lit up the clouds with beautiful pinks and oranges. I then composed a few shots and as sunlight got more intense, the light sparkled off the frosty reeds giving me the result I was after.

I walked around the perimeter to find some different perspectives to shoot and reflective shots before heading back to the car to warm up.

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