Dunwich Heath – Sunset

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On my last visit to Dunwich Heath, I focused more on the cliff side of the heath. This trip I wanted to focus on the other side and possibly capture the sun setting over the heath.

When I arrived, I did a little recky to find the best possible vantage points to capture the beautiful pinks and purples of the heather whilst capturing the sun setting. After some walking about I found a great location which would allow me to walk up the footpath gradually as the sun was setting so I could keep it in my shot.

As the sun finally set on the horizon I reached the top of the heath, I got some photos with intense magenta and orange colours reflecting on the clouds. These colours complimented the pinks and purples of the heather which combined resulted in some really colourful shots.

As I started to head back towards the car I noticed the moon rising on the horizon out to sea and managed to get a shot with the last usable light.

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