Dunwich Heath

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I thought I would use my National Trust membership today and take a drive out with the wife to Dunwich Heath in Suffolk, stopping along the way to get a bite to eat of course.

About this time of year the heath starts flowering with pink, purple and yellow heather. After consuming some tasty grub, what better way to end the day then by walking off my dinner at colourful heath at Dunwich.

On our arrival there were clear blue skies, but not for long. As we walked around the cliff side of the heath looking back towards the iconic coastguard cottages we were soon greeted with thick clouds. I got a few photos of this side of heath and of Southwold in the distance off the coast.

We then crossed the road and headed to the west side of the heath where the sun was desperately trying to shine through the thick cloud, I got a few snaps before heading back to car. The heath isn’t quite in full bloom yet, I give it a few more weeks and think I will revisit when the forecast is a bit better.

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